Sunday, January 18, 2009

Second Week of 2009 SpiritPlants Radio Progamming

Hello all,

Writing as the current SpiritPlants Radio weekend programming concludes in a couple of hours. This weekend featured:

• *New* Original SpiritPlants Radio programming:"Within's Within: Scenes from the Psychedelic Revolution"
• *New* Original SpiritPlants Radio programming: "MixWars with DJ Jay"
• *New* Original SpiritPlants Radio programming: "Japan is Dumb: The Exotic Musical Stylings of DJ Lain"
• *New* Original SpiritPlants Radio programming: "ShamanicFreedomRadio with Opaquelens": Episode 6: Jon's Peyote Report
• *New* Original SpiritPlants Radio programming: "'Ballads, Stories, & Lamentations with DJ Lucious"
• "Psychedelic Lectures" featuring Robert Anton Wilson's "Prometheus Rising Lecture" from the 1989 WinterStar Symposium
• "Comedy Hour" featuring Richard Pryor's Anthology (1968-1992)
• "Long Live Rock!" featuring The Who's *Live at Leeds* (live on tour 1970)
• "Jazz Café" featuring Charles Mingus's *Changes One & Two* (1974)
• "News Hour" featuring excerpts from "Zeitgeist: the Movie"

Some changes for next weekend. Thinking more of an emphasis on SPF shows and on external podcasts and other prepared shows, rather than shows like now composed of albums. Thinking this through, but I think a better station will emerge from this thinking.

Station Manager


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