Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 SpiritPlants Radio Weekend Schedule Begins!

Hi all,

Just underway is the first weekend of scheduled programming for 2009. It included a record 5 original SpiritPlants Radio shows, as we welcome DJ Lucious's show onto the airwaves. The shows featured this weekend include:

• *New* "Within's Within: Scenes from the Psychedelic Revolution"
• *New* Original SpiritPlants Radio programming: "Tripology with DJ Tom Ellis"
• *New* Original SpiritPlants Radio programming: "Japan is Dumb: The Exotic Musical Stylings of DJ Lain"
• *New* Original SpiritPlants Radio programming: "ShamanicFreedomRadio with Opaquelens": Episode 4: Interview with Rupert Sheldrake & Episode 5: The Richard Dawkins Delusion
• *New* Original SpiritPlants Radio programming: "'90s Psychedelic Renaissance with DJ Lucious "
• "Psychedelic Lectures" featuring Dr. Timothy Leary's "You Can Be Anyone This Time Around" (1970) & "Beyond Life" (1996)
• "Comedy Hour" featuring Chris Rock's "Kill the Messenger" 2008 tour
• "Long Live Rock!" featuring Phish's *Slip, Stitch, & Pass* (live in Germany, Mar 1997)
• "Jazz Café" featuring Medeski, Martin, & Wood's *Notes from the Underground* (live in NYC, Dec 1991)
• "News Hour" featuring "Democracy Now!" showcasing Professor Howard Zinn's speech, "War and Social Justice," given at Binghamton University (New York), a few days after the 2008 presidential election.

The six-weekend experiment at the end of 2008 yielded a lot of lessons, what worked, what didn't, what is possible in the future. So it seemed a right idea to keep along, after a bit of a break to think it all over. Here we go into the new year, wondering what will come, for this radio station and, more broadly, for this struggling world . . .

Station Manager


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