Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Weekend on SpiritPlants Radio!

Hi everyone,

This holiday weekend features 7 DJs, including Catfishrivers, Dellamorte, Orpheus Stain, Ben-Jah-Men, 2 Zillion-Year-Old Hippie, Soulard, and the return of DJ Arkstar! The full weekend (December 11-12)'s scheduled programming includes:

Featured SpiritPlants Radio DJs:
*** Within's Within: Scenes from the Psychedelic Revolution with DJ Soulard #365 | Show information:
*** Hi-Fi Hippie Show with the 2 Zillion-Year-Old Hippie #34 | Show information:
*** The River's Edge with DJ Catfishrivers #33 | Show information:
*** AlcheMinistry Labs with DJ Orpheus Stain #28 | Show information:
*** Disco Dichotomy with DJ Dellamorte #14 | Show information:
*** Under Eternity Blue with DJ Arkstar #11| Show information:
*** Babylon Now with DJ Ben-Jah-Men #9 | Show information:

Featured Programs:
*** Psychedelic Lectures: Notes from the Psychedelic Salon #252: Dr. Cameron Adams, "How Do Psychedelics Heal?" | Show information:
*** Jazz Cafe: NPR Jazz Profiles: "Village Vanguard: A Hallowed Basement" | plus Sonny Rollins live at the Village Vanguard, 1957 | Show information:
*** Comedy Hour: Doug Stanhope, "Sicko" (1999) | Show information:
*** Long Live Rock!: Pink Floyd, "The Wall, 1980-1981" | Show information:
*** Classics Time: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, "The Nutcracker" | Show information:
*** News Hour: "World Week in Review" | Show information:

Lots of the DJ shows are holiday-themed, a great variety to enjoy :)

From everyone at SpiritPlants Radio, have a great December, & see you in 2011!



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